CMD Flat Spray Sprinkler pendent

CDM Flachschirmsprinkler hängend

The CMDFP flatspray sprinkler has been developed for use in inrack areas. It is currently the fastest and shortest VdS approved flatspray sprinkler on the market.

With an RTI <30, it is the ideal addition to the CMD K200 spray sprinkler, as per VdS CEA 4001 inrack sprinklers must be at least as fast as the ceiling sprinklers.

The CMDFP is available pendent with a ½ " thread in K80 and K115, and ¾" with K115. The EuroSprinkler accessories such as shields and baffle plates also fit this sprinkler type.


  • Short design ensures the biggest possible storage height in inrack compartments
  • Extremely short trigger time in the case of fire
  • Coordinated for use with the CMD K200 spray sprinkler
  • Approved accessories such as shielding hoods, baffle plates and wrenches are available

Following versions are available:

 Surface K-factorTemperature
 CMDFPR 1/2"
R 3/4"
  • raw
  • bright chrome
  • vanished (RAL)


68 °C
93 °C
141 °C

 RTI-values: < 30 SuperFast VdS approved

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