• Test device for the quarterly test of flow detectors in accordance with VdS CEA 4001 Section 14.2.2 and VdS leaflet 2091 Section 3.6.8
  • Old: testing using a ball valve and hose. Complex and time-consuming.
  • New: Automated test by means of flow around. Comfortable and fast.


  • Simple and time-saving ¼ annual test of the flow detector without loss of water.
  • Compact and fully assembled and wired VdS approved component.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar
  • Low cabling effort:
    - The 230V supply for the pump does not have to be connected to a central control unit, but can be picked up directly near the FlowControl.
    - Loop version minimizes the required cable lengths
  • Control
    - Decentralized using a hand button or centrally using ring bus technology
  • Quick Complement retrofit kit for easy retrofitting of existing systems.
  • Nominal sizes from DN50 to DN200 available.

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