NEW   CMD K200 upright

quick – reliable – efficient

NEW  CMD K200 pendent

quick – reliable – efficient

NEW CMDFP Sprinkler

quick – reliable – efficient


Over the past few years EuroSprinkler AG has very well established itself as an autonomous company in the European market.   As a niche player the company has become an integral part of the European sprinkler market thanks to its adaptability in production resulting in short delivery times. 



  • CMDFP Sprinkler

    CMDFP Sprinkler
    The CMDFP sprinkler was developed as a complement to the CMD K200 spray sprinkler for use in inrack systems. It is the fastest and shortest VdS approved flatspray sprinkler on the market.
  • Retrofit and adjustable escutcheon

    Retrofit and adjustable escutcheon
    Our retrofit and adjustable escutcheon gives you the option of installing after sprinkler installation. In addition, height differences can easily be compensated by simply moving them.


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