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EuroSprinkler AG is an autonomous company producing  within the premises ofJOMOS Brandschutz AG  in Balsthal.

The vicinity to the installation company is a valuable asset. The resulting dialogue as well as the involvement in the technical fire prevention competence centre in Balsthal are ideal premises for participating in development activities.

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  • CMD K200 SU Sprinkler

    CMD K200 SU Sprinkler
    The CMD K200 SU sprinkler has mainly been developed for use in storage areas and production plants.
  • CMD K200 SP Sprinkler

    CMD K200 SP Sprinkler
    The CMD K200 SP sprinkler has been developed mainly for storage areas and production plants.


EIPOS fire protection
expert days from
18. - 19.11.2019
in Dresden, Germany






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