A very warm "Grüezi mitenand" from autumnal Switzerland!

Our product development is still running at full speed! Therefore, we are happy to introduce you to product innovations from EuroSprinkler.

Low Density Foam Sprinkler

Low Density Foam Sprinkler and Nozzles

New in program we have now the following VdS approved variants of our successful foam sprinkler:

  • Flatspray (significantly flatter spray radius, application e.g. on shelves)
  • Conventional (a high proportion of the extinguishing water is directed upwards, e.g. against flammable ceilings) 
  • Spraysprinkler (This is the existing version with a parabolic spray pattern)

Also new is that all variants are not only available in a pendant, but also in a upright version or as a nozzle. In addition to the standard version with a brass sprinkler body, a stainless steel version is also available.

Details about K-Factors (K22 - K200) and release temperatures (57°C – 260°C) can be found at our Homepage under the following Link:

The VdS certificates can be found here:




We join the EIPOS fire experts congress in Dresden from the 18.-19. November 2019 and the VdS-BrandSchutzTage in Cologne from 04.-05. Dezember 2019 as an exhibitor and would like to invite you to visit us at our booth.

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and look forward to a continued successful cooperation with you!

Your Team of EuroSprinkler AG

Marcel Brunner, Rudi Mathä, Alex Stahl, Markus Thoma

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